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Manuela Hartwig telesales marketing expert, closer

Alicante Spain
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Kapazitäten / Woche:5 Std.

Über mich

With a diverse professional journey shaped by experiences in Germany, Sweden, and Norway, I bring a unique perspective and skills in the fields of marketing and customer service. My career path led me from years of work in Germany to a decade of engagement in Sweden and Norway, before deciding to make a new home in Spain. Here, on the picturesque Costa Blanca, I not only established myself professionally as a manager in a German supermarket but also developed a deep connection to the local community.

My skills range from a strategic approach in online marketing to outstanding customer service. As a bilingual professional, I can communicate not only in German but also in Swedish and Norwegian, highlighting my abilities in an international context.

My career reflects not only professional versatility, but also a willingness to embrace new challenges and successfully integrate into different cultures. My commitment to excellence, coupled with a deep understanding of international dynamics, makes me a valuable asset to any team. I look forward to contributing my experiences and skills to a new project and achieving success together.

AdaptabilityCommunity EngagementCultural AdaptabilityCustomer Service ExcellenceInternational Dynamics UnderstandingMultilingual CommunicationOnline Marketing ExpertiseProblem Solving




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